Good Jobs (ft. K Dizzy)

by Koom the Ripper

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Lessons learned from reflecting on my college experiences, on what it takes to poise oneself for "good jobs." K Dizzy on the hook.


Good jobs! Get your good jobs here!
I want one....Good jobs, where?
I've been applying..everywhere...but I can't find one...anywhere!

Trying to get a /good ass job but you don’t wanna try
cuz for /good jobs two hundred people apply
And it’s mildly infuriating!
Well lemme /share some tricks that I learned along the way
/-Rule number one, make friends.
/-It ain’t easyyy to fake and pretend so /be genuine, share bits of yourself
And ain’t no shame asking for help man I /used to read books by myself at
Barnes and noble, found a few quotables, and I’ll share one here
No man ever made it by himself, motherfuckers got some help
Be it /from God, family or mentors, and I’m here from a culmination of the three
And if you /aint got support, I’ll show you how to find some
/Pick a nice person in your class, sit beside them
/Come prepared, now you got something smart to say, or they’ll forget your face
If you /know about me, I don’t like to say much
Cuz I didn’t /know what the fuck to do, suppose if I talked to somebody they could help me through
So don’t /blame your daddy, cuz he too damn busy while your moms depressed, all day in the kitchen
Wishin /that she held a better financial position, but for now finds solace in washing the dishes?
Anyways, here’s rule number two:
Approach a professor, make them criticize you.
Find flaws in the way you interact, I for one don’t smile, always looking like a jackass.
Nobody wanna pay a face like that.
So I wear nice clothes, I suggest you do the same/
/-Wear a pair of shoes that match your belt mannn
Put a tie on, never know you gon’ impress
/-She could hold the keys to your next check

/-Rule #3! Speak up. Learn to bragggg
Who /Ellllsssse is advocating on your behalf?
It’s like a price war, you back outta the race
Or offer something more, via internships
That’s right, might have to work for free
Pick a place to do big things and be seen.
Avoid doing menial tasks, like mopping the floor
You in /school now-take a loan and search
For a real gig with some mobility
When you done w/school you’ll have some opportunities.
Don’t be lured by career fairs
Look at their faces, those companies don’t wanna be there!
Everybody got something to offer
Unfortunately, there’s only one job offer!
/Wow, whatcha gonna do? Make the /most of what’s left in your college career
Wake up with a resume saying I made /sandwiches and counted change for about two years….
You /grownnnnnn! Better act the part, and
Don’t /moannnn, bitching bout what you ain’t got.
Surrounded by whiners, fake disabilities
/Ohh my circumstances….pity me!
Nobody’s handing you a $100,000 check /just for getting your degree
Be real/istic, differentiate yourself, a good job’s what you’ll reap. (holla at me!)


released September 28, 2010
Produced by Koom the Ripper
Mixed, arranged by K Dizzy
Vocals: Koom the Ripper, K Dizzy



all rights reserved


Koom the Ripper New York, New York

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