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Track Name: I'm Asian
I’m As/ian…you fucking called me a gook, a /chink, or a nip like I ain’t know what it meant.
I’m As/ian…you called me a ghandi, making fun of an Asian accent.
I’m As/ian, thinkin I’m the biggest nerd al/ive, all day at the computer screen
I’m As/ian, proud of who I am, if you identify take a stand…


Too /many damn Asians working in IT
Small bus/iness owners, dentists, or MDs.
The /rest of us fall of the map
Consider moving /back home, but home’s right where I’m at!
An/khor, Anker, say my name motherfucker
Somebody /told me I should just change it to Andy
So I could /have a better shot in life. Be more white.
Compen/sate cuz my skin’s not light?

Yeah we stereo/typed, on film and TV
Asian /girls that you see are playing secretaries!
And the /dudes never boning an attractive chick, he dressed /in bad shirt, troubleshooting for tips.

And /everybody thinks it’s true
And if you try to /step up outside the box they don’t like you
/-are you content being just like them?
Time to re/define being an Asian American?


Verse 2

Asian /woman! All I’m good for is sex ap/peal and servitude according to some dudes
If I’m /not pretty, petite, and light skinned
I feel /ugly, chunky, can’t find a man

Family /expectations are so damn high
If I /don’t get my eyelids done, I’m gon’ die!
I aint the /girl in the magazine
Airbrushed nose /job, boob job, that don’t look like me.

Asian /woman, ajuma in K-town
Working /late night shifts so my kids don’t drown
I’m /Asian, hate the SAT
And the /college education that defines me.

I’m /Asian. American inside.
But when I /mingle with whites, a part of me has to hide
So that /I can fit in, they don’t understand
I’m at /home but it feels like a foreign land